Many B2B marketers are highly focused on digital marketing tactics and treat them as independent entities. This can make the disconnect between tactics and long-term objectives more prevalent, which may lead to strategies that are ineffective in real-world situations. That’s why having a growth mindset is crucial for success. 

A growth mindset is what brings together digital marketing tactics and strategy. According to a growth mindset, talent and intelligence are not fixed traits, but something you learn through hard work and dedication. Constantly striving for improvement is what takes your company forward. 

What is a growth mindset? 

In all its brevity, a growth mindset can be described in the following terms:

  • Adopting a thirst for knowledge and learning, with a dedication to personal and professional growth and development. 
  • A way of thinking that helps you overcome challenges, work more effectively, and achieve your goals. 
  • Based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. 

Marketers with this mindset strive to learn throughout their lives and embrace challenges in order to become their best professional selves. Accepting curiosity, experimentation and learning as parts of the journey to success can make you more confident and resilient. All of these are important traits in marketing. Learning new things can make all the difference for your company’s success or failure. 

How do you foster a growth mindset in marketing?

As we know, a growth mindset is all about being curious and open to learning new things. How do we learn new things then? Simply put, the process of learning can be described in two steps:

  1. Experimentation. In B2B marketing, learning through experimentation is the key to scaling your business. Experiments are essential in bringing together learning and improvement: you find out what works and focus on that. However,  improvement is only the first part of this kind of learning. The other way that a marketer can foster a growth mindset is through…
  2. Failure. Experiments usually either work or they don’t. You must be open to failure being a natural part of the process. Choose to see it as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself or the task that you’re facing, and most importantly, assess what new opportunities this mistake presents to you. 

How to get started with adopting a growth mindset in your organization 

There are three important things you can do to really boost your marketing and help your business grow.

Get everyone on board 

It is a common mistake for companies to think that the marketing department can be responsible for all growth related activities. The reality is, marketing needs help from other departments within the company. When growing your marketing team or developing strategies to help your business grow, you need everyone on board — including upper management.

Create a culture where learning is encouraged and failing is accepted

Encourage your team to openly share their mistakes, and let them find alternative ways of executing the experiments. Work together to improve ideas and embrace innovative and creative thinking. Make your company an open space for innovation. 

Make reflection a habit

Make it a habit to reflect on your own work and the experiments you are performing. It is easy to get lost in running experiments and forget that the data they produce should point you towards the right direction. Learn to stop and think, and then, let the data lead you forward. 

Ultimately, a growth mindset is what gives your company a competitive edge and helps your B2B marketing strategies succeed. 

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