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How Agile Search Grew Leads by 50% with a New Inbound Website
The front page of Agile Search

Agile Search is a recruitment company that connects technology experts with the most attractive employers in the Nordics. Agile Search works with leading traditional and technology companies including Finnair, Amazon, Amer sports, and Kindred among many others.

The Goal

Agile Search came to us with the need to for a new website that supports their recruiting business. They wanted to generate more leads and engage visitors from both their target audiences: the brands and the job seekers.

The website also had to serve two customer segments at once. At their previous site, the user experiences were generic. It was difficult for the job seekers to gain enough value from the website.

This was one of the main challenges for designing the website. How to to convey different value propositions for two customer segments within seconds? How to ensure the website serves the two different audiences at the same time?

The main targets of the new site included getting more leads and engagement. We placed a high importance on Call-to-Actions. To get the best results, the CTAs need to connect to relevant stages of the customer journey.


The Solution

We re-imagined the experience of each of our client’s target audience. We dove into collaborative strategy workshops with our client.

These workshops helped us define the buyer personas for Agile Search and design the website to cater them. Our experience in the recruitment and technology industries were invaluable during this process.

The demand for technology talents exceeds the supply. We redesigned the front page to speak primarily to technology talents.

Throughout the design process, we collected feedback from Agile Search and its customers. This helped us learn, select and optimize different decisions for the website design.


The Result

Agile Search was able to grow the amount of its new contacts by 50% during the next four months after the website launch.

Agile Search also had a 42% growth in session length and 17% growth in page views, compared to the previous six months before the site launch. This was another proof for how well the new inbound website engages its two visitor segments.

The new website enables Agile Search for inbound marketing with more than 30 CTAs and a fast page load time of 0.5 seconds.

We launched the new website in August 2017, two months from kickoff.

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