HEAD – New product launch to celebrate the 30 years anniversary of HEAD Prestige

HEAD is a dutch sports equipment manufacturer with over €400 million in yearly sales. Their high quality gear has been used by elite athletes and amateurs alike for almost 60 years.

Limited edition HEAD watch and a tennis racket
A tennis player with a HEAD watch

The Goal

HEAD Prestige is a legendary tennis racket that has made multiple Grand Slam champions. To commemorate the occasion, the client asked us help launch the HEAD Prestige Limited Edition Watch in September 2017.

The mechanical watch market is crowded and new players face stiff competition at all price levels. A recognized brand name from outside the watch industry does not drive purchases. Our goal was to identify the perfect buyer persona, and generate online sales with a limited marketing budget.

The Solution

We knew that targeting watch enthusiasts outright would have no success. After all, why buy an expensive timepiece from a sports brand, when you can get something with a watch pedigree?

Our goal was to find the perfect customers using data, and make them excited about owning a HEAD watch. We created several hypothesis for who the ideal customer would be, and launched test campaigns in 3 markets.

The data showed that the ideal customer would not be a watch lover, but rather someone who follows the athletes who play with the HEAD Prestige racket. Instead of selling a watch, our goal became to instill the feeling of awe and excitement about buying a piece of tennis history.

Armed with precise demographic data, we scaled the campaigns and ran over 15,000 ads in 15 markets. Before trying to make a sale, we nurtured all potential customers with content about the Prestige heritage. The trigger was pulled only when the customer was ready to buy.

The Result

During a month-long campaign we identified the perfect customers, and generated over $30,000 in online sales. This helped the client to continue growing the HEAD watch sales with effective digital marketing tools in place.