How Dized Generated 3600 Leads in 30 Days Using Marketing Automation

Dized is an app that replaces board game rule books with an immersive digital experience. Made by a Helsinki-based team of 20, Dized aims to revolutionize the infamously old-school board game industry.

The Goal

Dized asked us to help them launch a crowdfunding campaign for their app a year before its release. We had 30 days to identify the buyer personas, and generate as many leads as possible in time for the campaign.

Apps are notoriously difficult to crowdfund. Most of these campaigns fail at the very start. Our biggest challenge was to generate enough traction in record time to get the project off the ground.

The Solution

We conducted a full marketing audit, and created a digital growth strategy for the campaign. Its goal was not only to generate leads, but also make sure they are ready to pre-order the app on the launch day.

To generate leads we set up AI-driven advertising campaigns across 10 different markets. In just a few weeks we tested over 29,000 combinations of ads and landing pages to find the best performers.

We nurtured all leads with marketing automation flows, optimised based on language, behaviour and buyer personas. We collected customer data throughout the campaign and used it to improve performance. This allowed us to reach conversion rates and email open rates of up to 4x the industry average.

The Outcome

We generated and nurtured 3600 leads in 30 days, helping Dized make over $150,000 in app sales. This made Dized one of the 3 most funded apps in crowdfunding history, and enabled them to continue development.