How Haikara Made €100,000 in 24 hours Without a Product

Haikara Watches is a Finnish startup company that aims to redefine the watch market with simple and elegant smartwatches. Their flagship product Haikara is created by the renowned Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen.

The Goal

In 2017, we launched a pre-order campaign to test a smartwatch idea for Haikara Watches. We had no product, no time, and a €4,000 ad budget.

Worst of all? No data. We were starting from scratch.

The Solution

Our goal was to experiment and learn as quickly as possible. In just a few weeks we:

  • Ran 3,000 marketing experiments
  • Built 18 websites
  • Launched 2500 ad campaigns in 20 countries
  • Sent 43,000 personalised, automated emails
  • And most importantly, learned who’s ready to pay for our product


We made €100,000 in the first 24 hours of the pre-order campaign. A thousand people paid us for a product that didn’t exist.

We generated over 3000 hot leads with a €4000 budget. The cost per lead was under €1.

We managed to engage the buyers with an open rate of 46%, three times bigger than the ecommerce industry average of 16%.

Haikara was one of the fastest growing campaigns in Indiegogo history.

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