How Haikara Made $100,000 in 48 hours Using Marketing Automation

Haikara Watches is a Finnish startup company that aims to redefine the watch market with simple and elegant smartwatches. Their flagship product Haikara is created by the renowned Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen.

The Goal

Haikara Watches asked us to launch their new product on Indiegogo in spring 2017. Haikara wanted to make $75,000 in sales during the first 30 days.

We were set out to create a marketing strategy and build up enough buzz for a successful start of a pre-order campaign. Very little marketing had been done beforehand. There was no clearly defined buyer persona nor an existing lead database.

We had only two months to prepare for the big launch. We needed to generate thousands of leads and nurture them in time for the campaign. Decisions had to be made quickly.

The Solution

Our first priority was to find the ideal buyer for the watch. We quickly tested many hypotheses and markets in order to identify the buyer personas.

In a few weeks of constant automated optimization we managed to generate a sizable amount of leads through Facebook Ads. And most importantly, we had found our potential watch buyers.

The leads started receiving personalized emails from the Haikara team, to get them warmed up to buy just in time for the launch day on May 9th, 2017. The emails were designed to educate our new leads about the product and showcase the passionate people behind it.

Marketing automation tools were at the very core of our strategy. With a limited startup-scale budget, we built a set of lean tools that integrate well and share user data with each other.

The Result

The $75,000 sales target was reached in the first evening, and we went over $100,000 in 48 hours.

We generated close to 3000 warm leads with a €4500 budget. The cost per lead was under €1.

We managed to engage the buyers with an open rate of 46%, three times bigger than the ecommerce industry average of 16%.

Haikara was one of the fastest growing campaigns in Indiegogo history.