How Plantui Doubled Their Conversion Rates with a New Ecommerce Site

Plantui is a Finnish design company founded in 2007. Plantui develops unique all-in-one indoor smart gardens. The Plantui products offer a simple way for anyone to grow herbs and salads by automating some of the gardening tasks, such as watering the plants.

Somebody growing salad with a Plantui
Products on display on Plantui's ecommerce site

The Goal

Plantui asked us to renew their website and ecommerce store into a single, omnichannel hub. The site would either lead the customer to their online store or a nearest retail shop that sells their smart gardens.

The old website had several challenges to tackle. It didn’t communicate Plantui’s value proposition properly to the different visitor segments. It also didn’t provide a logical path to buying – from learning about the product to the checkout page.

Plantui also wanted to capture more data from visits and simplify their order management for back office. Besides the customers, the site also had to address the retailers’ needs and help Plantui capture leads from this segment.

The Solution

To simplify Plantui’s digital customer experience, we designed a unique path for each audience to serve each of them the best possible way. With focus on user value, we aimed at providing the information they need at every step of the journey. For example, we decided to help the customer buy smart gardens first, and then to ensure shoppers don’t leave without adding the plants.

We saw the beauty and uniqueness of the Plantui gardens as a major asset of the product. We placed a high importance on visuals, especially on the quality and prominence of the photos that present the Plantui smart gardens.

As the website and online store platform we chose a an all-in-one commerce architecture – Shopify. With the help of Shopify’s simple usability, Plantui can focus on their core business and let the Shopify platform handle the headaches.

The Result

The new website and online store launched in November 2017 at During the first 50 days since the launch, the site has seen major improvements in sales and customer experience.

The number of orders has increased by 29 per cent and order value by 16 per cent. This adds up to a total sales increase of 50 percent.

One of the most telling metrics for the improved buying experience is how often ecommerce visitors proceed to buying. The visits to checkout page rate went up by a whopping 99 percent after the new ecommerce site launch.