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How to Redesign Your Website For GDPR

In today’s digital world, websites are the primary channels through which we collect personal data and build relationships with customers. Therefore, the deadline for companies to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching. Among many other measures you should take, it is important to ensure your website is GDPR-compliant. By now, I […]

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How to Set the Right Goals For Your Digital Marketing Team?

So you have decided to invest in marketing by hiring people. That is great – but how do you get the most out of their skills to grow your business? Our suggestion is to start from goal-setting. You might be wondering, what are the most valid goals to use. Here’s a suggestion: how about revenue? […]

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Thinking Machines, AI and the Future of Marketing

One of the unique capabilities of Homo sapiens is intelligence – giving us the ability to reason, make connections and solve complex problems. Intelligence pushed us from gathering wheat and hunting animals for mere survival to discovering life in other planets. It is therefore expected since the invention of the first programmable machines that someday, […]

Why The World Needed Another Digital Agency

A year ago, around Christmas 2016, we sat down together for a cup of hot coffee. We were frustrated with how most companies are not taking advantage of opportunities presented by digital technology, design and data. They create great products, but selling them is becoming more difficult. Their digital marketing is stuck in the past. […]

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Implementing a marketing automation software? Read this first

Marketing automation software is trending. Big time. Are you looking into the different options, and wondering how they would work in your marketing? You might be wondering what the costs are. If you ask me, the biggest cost isn’t straight up about the price tag. It’s more about the work that goes into it – […]

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How to Grow Your E-Commerce Sales With Marketing Automation

Every business is built on its customers. Many e-commerce businesses struggle with establishing customer relationships that last. Majority of the shopping carts are abandoned. Many customers buy once and never return. To improve conversions and customer retention, we need to communicate to customers in a way that is highly relevant to them. In order to […]

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6 Best Ways How to Grow Your Sales with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have quickly become the best way for leading companies to grow sales. A platform that helps you easily reach most of the world’s internet users sounds like a marketer’s dream. Facebook generates billions of dollars from ads. They make it easy for you to get started with ad campaigns, promising great results. Unfortunately, […]

How to Identify Your Buyer Personas Using Data

How well do you really know your perfect customers?   What are their backgrounds and interests? Do they have families and kids? What goals do they have, and what keeps them up at night? If these questions sound too detailed, it means you’re on the right path. You will not be able to find your […]

How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business

For a long time online marketing and sales have been straightforward. Create a great product, invest in online advertising and see the orders roll in. With a little luck, you could repeat the process until the market told you to stop. The digital marketing landscape has changed together with customer habits. Having a great product […]

How to Perform a Digital Marketing Audit That Drives Results

Time is money. You perform a digital marketing audit to lay the right foundation for an effective digital marketing system and to ensure a good ROI on your efforts. This article is all about how to do it right.   Today all marketing = digital marketing, and every company is a digital media company. You might […]