How to turn B2B marketing into a revenue driver?


This webinar is for B2B Marketing Team Leaders (CMOs, Marketing Directors and Managers) who want to turn marketing into a revenue driver.

Friday, February 17th from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Finnish time (10:00 am - 11:00 am Swedish time)

Hey marketer, here’s the thing.

You don’t need more leads. You need to generate revenue.

B2B marketing can no longer afford to be in a support role. Both your company and your customers expect more from you. There is huge pressure for marketing to become the key revenue driver. 

But how do you do that in a tanking economy, and with the huge expectations your management has from B2B marketing in 2023? Well, buckle in for a wild ride. 

This free webinar will change your mindset, your metrics and your processes to optimize your marketing for the BUSINESS OUTCOMES that matter in 2023.

Prepare to be challenged, and learn practical methods that will help your company grow through marketing. 

In just 60 minutes you will discover: 

  • The key developments in B2B marketing in 2023 that will impact your work as a CMO
  • The 7 building blocks of a winning B2B marketing strategy
  • What is Revenue Operations, and how to align Sales & Marketing in a new way
  • How to both create AND capture demand efficiently
  • How to align marketing metrics with business outcomes (revenue)
  • Real-life cases from B2B fintech, marketing, infrastructure and other industries

Join the webinar for these insights and for a live discussion about the challenges that other B2B marketers are facing. The attendees also get exclusive access to the webinar slides to dive into the topics afterward.

If you only watch one webinar this year, make it this one! 


B2B is changing fast, and we’ll help you navigate that change with the B2B CMO Hub.  This is a place where you can access valuable resources, learn from experts, and connect with peers. From planning to execution, we’ll help you create a marketing strategy that drives revenue. Our free webinars are rated as 9.6/10 by over 2500 Nordic B2B marketers. ⭐️

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“Just what I needed – great presentation, great content. Lots to think about now.”

“I love this webinar. This is just pure diamonds on every slide. Feeling them feels.”

“This webinar was mind blowing, and opened up my marketing vision.”

“Thank you for a super concrete, inspiring presentation that leaves a lot to think about in developing our own operations and processes!”


David Blinov

Managing Partner

David is a Managing Partner at The F Company. He has helped our B2B clients generate millions of euros in sales.

Marketing is not his only forté, he’s also a public speaking talent – you can catch him in marketing conferences or in our own webinars. He’s on top of recent and upcoming developments in the field of marketing and is willing to change his mind.