How To Set Up Systematic Growth Marketing Experiments in B2B companies – Webinar

Learn the practical tools and processes for systematic growth marketing experiments.

Format: Webinar
Date: Thu, 20 May from 11:00am – 12:00pm EEST
Who is it for: B2B Marketing Managers, CMOs and CEOs

Are you sitting through boring webinars that give no practical advice? We listened to your feedback and created a webinar that is all about practical examples and actual tools to work with.

So let’s get busy and learn how you can start structured growth marketing experiments in your company! This is a practical Webinar for B2B Marketing professionals that will give you the tools to start systematic growth marketing today. ⭐️

In just 60 minutes you will learn:

  • The 7-step process to building your own B2B Growth Marketing framework [Practice]
  • How to create hypotheses and build your first marketing experiments with case examples [Practice]
  • The tools to use for systematic experimentation [Practice]
  • How to record your experiments and implement learnings [Practice]
  • What kind of challenges other B2B marketers are facing [Live Discussion]

This event is aimed for B2B Marketing Team Leaders (CMOs, Marketing Directors, Managers).



David Blinov. David is a Managing Partner at The F Company. He has helped Nordic B2B companies generate millions of euros in revenue using modern growth marketing methods.

David’s other regular webinar Getting Started With Growth Marketing has been rated 9.6/10. ⭐️

“Thank you for organizing such an amazing webinar! It is by far the best one I have ever attended. Really useful information and great structure!”