Turn marketing into your growth engine, instead of a support function.
What does Growth Marketing really mean?

You’ve probably heard of Growth Marketing. Maybe you’ve even seen those case studies, where leads or revenue go up exponentially.

Growth Marketing can fuel the growth of your business. But what makes it so powerful?

In the past, B2B companies used to put all their resources into a big campaign, and hope that it works. Those times are over. Today’s leaders move quickly and use data to guide them.
Growth Marketing relies on a rapid testing and learning cycle to systematically improve your results:
  • Instead of following one idea, many possible approaches are tested quickly
  • Projects are divided into short sprints, and powered by marketing technology
  • All decisions are made based on data, not opinions
  • The learnings accumulate over time, gradually improving your performance

Growth Marketing is a process for systematic and measurable growth. It makes your team agile and focused, and gives you the data to make decisions. This is how marketing should be done in 2021.


These are the key elements of Growth Marketing:
  • Audit marketing & sales
  • Create buyer personas
  • Design customer journeys
& Improve
  • Scale what works best
  • Kill what doesn’t work

How Growth Marketing can help you

Grow your revenue

Find new ways to reach customers

Learn what works & what doesn't

Put data behind every decision

Growth Marketing as a Service

Want to make marketing your main revenue driver? We’ll help you build a systematic process, and measurably improve your digital marketing and sales performance.

The F Company is an award-winning B2B Growth Marketing Agency. With us, you get a partner that…

  • Takes ownership of results – not just one channel or tactic
  • Builds you a systematic and scaleable growth marketing process
  • Measures what matters, and shares the data in a transparent way
  • Shares the learnings that you can use across your business
  • Collaborates closely with your team

Get Started With Growth Marketing

Here’s what kind of companies get the best results with us:

  • You’re a B2B company with existing customers
  • You have ambitious growth targets, and are ready to change the way you do marketing
  • You’re looking for a long-term, strategic marketing partner

Does that sound like you? Then drop us a line and let’s see how we can help! 👉

And if now is not the right time for growth marketing, take a look at our other services.