Digital Marketing Audit

Understand what works and what doesn’t in your digital marketing.
Find out what works
John Wanamaker has famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Many companies operate in the dark, and don’t have a clear picture of how their digital marketing really performs.

We will go through your marketing data and show you exactly what works and what doesn’t. You will get an overview of your past efforts, and a step-by-step plan for improvement. This package is meant for B2B companies that want to find improvement areas and set a clear focus for marketing.

What’s included

Website performance audit

  • Analysis of your website performance, and key traffic sources (using tools in your existing stack)
  • User behaviour – how do the visitors interact with your website?
  • Content analysis – what content performs well, and what should be improved?
  • Conversion points – how well can your website convert visitors into leads?

Content performance

  • Analysis of your blog, lead magnets, case studies etc.
  • Content clustering – suggestions for how to structure your content for improved SEO and lead generation

Performance Marketing

  • Analysis of your paid acquisition channels (Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • Improvement suggestions

Marketing automation

  • Marketing automation workflow review
  • Email performance review (lead nurturing, existing customer communications, etc.)
  • Lead scoring model review

Concrete deliverables

  • Thorough report of your digital marketing performance
  • Learnings and key findings – what is working and what is not 
  • Data-driven suggestions for quick fixes and long-term improvements
marketing dashboard

Let’s dive into your data

Let’s find out together what works in your marketing so you can improve further.