Growth Marketing Strategy

Create a modern digital marketing process that grows revenue.
Let’s get you started in Growth Marketing
Modern, data-driven marketing is no longer nice to have. It’s a requirement for growth. Leaders move quickly and use data to guide them.

This package focuses on building experiment-driven growth marketing processes in your company. The end result will bring clarity about what’s worked for you in the past, and offer concrete suggestions for how to grow in the future. It’s meant for B2B companies that already have existing products and customers, and want to make digital marketing one of the main revenue drivers.

What’s included

Marketing overview

  • Analysis of current marketing efforts
  • Marketing and CRM data analytics
  • Interviews with the marketing and sales teams
  • Interviews with your customers
  • Definition of marketing goals and KPIs



Buyer Persona and Customer journeys

  • Creation of key buyer personas, or improvement of existing ones
  • Visualisation of customer journeys for the key buyer personas


  • Marketing experiment planning
  • Experiment process and templates

Marketing + Sales Tech stack

  • Analysis of your current tech stack
  • Improvement suggestions based on your goals

Concrete deliverables


  • Thorough report of your marketing performance
  • Learnings and key findings – what is working and what is not 
  • Improvement suggestions based on data – quick fixes, and long-term strategy
  • Marketing technology stack recommendations – which tools would help you reach your goals with better ROI

Get started

Let’s get you started in Growth Marketing by setting you up with experiment based marketing.