Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is a hot topic. Some think that it’s just a new fad. Others see growth marketing as a solution to all their marketing problems. We think it’s neither.
We believe that growth marketing is a process that should transform the way your company works.
Growth marketing means rapid experimentation with modern marketing tools and methods. Digging deep and quickly testing marketing ideas puts your team in a new state of mind. You no longer have the luxury of time, and have to become more creative and agile.
This method relies on data in all decision making. The purpose of each experiment is to learn as much as you can, and use that data to create better customer experiences.
How we do it
The F Company is a B2B growth marketing agency. We build experiment-driven processes to rapidly test new solutions and ideas.
We collect data, learn and optimise, until we have the best digital marketing strategy for your business.
We help you find the right answers within hours, not years.
We get you more leads and clients. But even more importantly, we make sure your company doesn’t fall behind in the quickly changing world of online marketing.