Marketing Dashboard

See what’s happening in your sales and marketing. In real-time.
Want to understand your data?
To make the right decisions, your teams need easy access to the right data. A dashboard is the best way to bring your marketing and sales data together.

We will give you full visibility of marketing & sales performance by gathering the key data from different tools into a single dashboard. You will have a real-time picture of your digital efforts. As a result, your sales and marketing teams will make better decisions based on a single data set.

This package is meant for B2B companies that already have some digital marketing and sales data, and use marketing analytics and CRM tools.

What’s included

Find the business-critical data

  • Identify the key goals for your marketing and sales teams
  • Find the data sources and metrics that help you reach the goals

Bring all your data together

  • Gather a list of all the relevant data points
  • Bring the data together in a Google Data Studio dashboard

Make the data easy to understand

  • Visualize the data in Google Data Studio to present the data in a way that fits your team
  • Custom dashboard design to fit your brand guidelines

Improve your tech stack

  • Identify ways to improve your tech stack
  • Connect your key marketing and sales tools to make them share data with each other

Concrete deliverables

  • Google Data Studio dashboard that shows your sales and marketing data in real time
  • Visualisations that make the key data easy to understand and act on
  • Integrations between data sources through Supermetrics
  • Analysis of your existing digital tech stack, and suggestions for improvement
marketing dashboard

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