Online Lead Generation Kickstart

Start generating online leads and sales quickly.
Starting from €3000/month

The COVID-19 crisis made it clear that B2B companies have to become digital to stay relevant. You can no longer rely on events or face-to-face-meetings to generate sales. Your customers must be able to find and buy your products online. There’s no time to waste.

This package kick-starts your online sales by focusing on the low hanging fruit, and campaigns with quick return on investment. It’s meant for small-and-medium size B2B companies that have existing products and customers, and want to quickly find new sales channels online.

What’s included

Month 1

Full digital audit

  • Analysis of your online marketing and sales
  • Website performance analytics
  • Content analytics
  • Conversion points
  • Buyer personas & journeys
Month 2

Fixing immediate issues

  • Set up data analytics & conversion tracking
  • Implement key marketing tools and improved marketing processes
  • Update value propositions and website content
  • Set measurable goals and targets
  • Fix other issues uncovered during the audit
Month 3

Quick wins

  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Marketing automation & lead nurturing
  • Creating lead magnet content
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Month 4 onwards

Long-term improvements

  • Growth marketing strategy
  • Customer journey designs
  • Marketing experiment plan
  • Content strategy
  • SEO

Concrete deliverables

  • Quick results from online campaigns – lead generation or online sales, depending on your targets
  • Modern digital marketing and sales processes
  • Learnings and key findings – what is working and what is not 
  • Solid foundation for future growth

Start generating leads

Let’s find a way to get you the best leads together.