A year ago, around Christmas 2016, we sat down together for a cup of hot coffee.

We were frustrated with how most companies are not taking advantage of opportunities presented by digital technology, design and data.

They create great products, but selling them is becoming more difficult. Their digital marketing is stuck in the past. They are losing to innovators that can deliver deep user experiences with digital technology.

Most agencies are no better. Instead of focusing on innovative ideas that can secure future growth for their clients, they still rely on methods that worked in the past. All that despite the vast amount of data showing them where digital marketing is heading.

That’s why we thought the world needs a different kind of digital agency.

The F Company Logo

We Are Now The F Company

This is a big moment for us. After months of planning, The F Company is here.

For a year, we worked under the name Automate – but what we have here is not just rebranding.

With this change we are introducing a new way of looking at digital marketing. The one focused on innovation and growth, not iterations of the same old methods.

Like all bold beginnings, The F Company brings new answers, but raises many questions too. Who are we? What are we trying to do, and why now?

How we got here

We put our years of marketing experience together and started Automate in early 2017. Inspired by agile development methods, we designed our own digital marketing model. It relies on data analytics, creative solution hypotheses and constant experimentation. Combined with the latest technology, this approach helps us find the right solutions.

We don’t look for “good enough” answers, but only the ones that best solve our clients’ unique growth challenges.

To prove that our model works, we took on several pilot customers. The results speak for themselves:

What we believe in

While working on these projects we never stopped thinking about the kind of company we want to build. We looked at our our capabilities, and the challenges our clients were facing. We looked at market trends, and tested the technology that will shape the world in the years to come.

What we saw is that the world is rapidly becoming digital. Technologies like AI, AR and Automation give companies entirely new ways of reaching their audiences. Better, faster and more meaningful than before.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why not use machine learning to give your clients the content they need, exactly when they need it?
  • How about setting up smart automated tools that can do the work of entire departments?
  • What if you used AI to personalise all your communications, and spoke to your clients as individuals?
  • How would your customers react, if you gave them a way to try your products at home with augmented reality?

We believe that technology is the future of marketing. We believe that companies need to embrace digital innovation to succeed in the modern world.

Our vision is bringing the most impactful marketing technology closer to customers.

Why The F Company

We now had a great team, impressive success cases and clear value to offer. Just one thing was missing.

Our bold new vision needed a bold new brand.

We needed a name that would reflect our values and beliefs. A way to tell the world who we are. A headline hard to ignore.

After days of reflection and brainstorming, we ended up with three keywords: Fast, Forward and Future. These words represent our values of ambition, open mindedness and constant learning. They capture what we believe in, and are bold enough to carry us forward.

The rest, as they say, is history.

We are now The F Company. Fast. Forward. Future.

The F Company - Fast Forward Future GIF animation

What’s next

We knew from the very beginning that we don’t want to end up being “another one of those agencies”. Life is short, and we want to do something meaningful.

We want to work with ambitious companies and bring impactful products to market. We want to work with passionate people who share our beliefs and embrace the future.

Our goal is to become become a globally recognized digital agency by 2022. While we already have clients from London to Beijing, our feet are firmly on the ground. We know that to get the attention of global players, we need to become global ourselves.

To take our next step towards internationalization, we opened an office in Amsterdam this week. Apart from giving us access to new markets, this move also helps you – our clients. Working with our international teams gives you fresh ideas and new opportunities.

At The F Company we believe in bold ideas and data-driven innovation. We experiment and design unique solutions to your unique growth challenges. For us result is the only thing that matters.

Let’s innovate together!

Follow our journey on Facebook or another platform of your choice. It’ll be fun, we promise.