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Our vision is to become the best B2B marketing agency in the Nordics by helping companies turn marketing into a revenue driver.

What drives us


We wouldn’t be here without our extremely smart and talented marketers.


It’s what drives success for our clients, which is also why it’s our top hiring criterion.


Why settle for the status quo when you can rebel a bit and ask some important questions?


We’re unafraid to try new things and change our minds or the way we work.


Your business, your data, your tools, your accounts. You’ll have ownership over everything.


We want to be the best and keep learning. High standards, free direction.

Your extended team

We bring you the extra time and expertise you’re looking for. As an extension of your team — or even as a part of it — we’ll help you turn your in-house team into a growth engine.

Get to know our awesome team!

David Blinov
Managing Partner

David is a Growth Marketer and Managing Partner at The F Company. He has acquired Fortune 100 clients and generated millions of euros in B2B sales using innovative marketing technology.

In his free time David enjoys traveling, trying out new sports, and mentoring ambitious startups. One day he wants to own a small Italian restaurant, because then he could get free Italian every day.

  • Specialties: Customer Acquisition, Performance Marketing, Marketing Automation, Data Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy
Ravi Kumar
Design & Technology Partner

Ravi is a Partner in charge of design and technology. His strength lies in solving complex business problems through innovation and design thinking.

In his free time Ravi plays cricket, and likes to stay up late designing bold solutions.

  • Specialties: User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Front-End Design, Digital marketing and Development
Pauliina Haapakoski
Copywriting Lead

Pauliina is a skillful copywriter and content creator who loves wielding the power of storytelling in marketing projects. Alongside her work as a Copywriting Specialist, she is a science enthusiast doing her PhD in marketing. She makes the most of both creativity and analytical thinking to find the solutions that speak to you.

In her free time, Pauliina enjoys long walks in nature. She also writes for a hobby and loves to immerse herself in imagined worlds.

Jens Lindström
Paid Marketing Lead

Jens is a PPC Expert and Lead at The F Company. He has years of experience in growing conversion rates for clients from vastly different sectors, specialising in search engine and paid social media marketing, performance marketing and conversion rate optimisation. He is also the lead of the PPC Team at The F Company.

In his free time Jens likes sports (both as a spectator and as a practitioner), reading books (current favourite author: Jonathan Franzen), and listening to music (favourite genre: Britpop).

Jennifer Sandström
Senior Growth Marketer

Jennifer is a creative Growth Marketer with an analytical mind, taking on every project with passion. She has been an entrepreneur for years and is a great problem solver.

With her origins from the Swedish Lapland, she is very much into anything nature related and thinks the best kind of holidays include hiking, skiing or biking. She also enjoys slow weekend mornings with a nice cup of coffee while reading any of the 3–4 books she always has on-going.

Heta Mattila
Senior Growth Marketer

Heta is a Growth Marketer with a creative mind and a data-loving heart. With a generalist background in journalism, content creation, marketing automation and digital marketing, she is a natural problem solver who loves to tackle large concepts and come up with innovative solutions.

In her free time, Heta loves being involved in many projects and tasks. She can sometimes be found in the library doing her PhD in interculturality or studying something work-related such as UX design. She also runs a tiny content production company on the side. When she needs to relax, Heta hops on a plane and travels somewhere new, walks around Helsinki taking pictures and discovering new urban nature locations. She also watches many many shows and movies on Netflix (and other streaming services).

Yuliya Salorenko
Senior Growth Marketer

Yuliya is a growth marketer by day and a public speaker by night. After years of working in the in-house positions, Yuliya eagerly stepped into The F Company to experience the agency life to the fullest! She is all for never-ending learning, growth and H2H marketing.

In her “free” time, Yuliya runs her own public speaking and coaching business. She is actively engaged in the community of international talents through coaching and match-making. Yuliya writes poems, digs HIIT workouts, lives by hygge all day every day and sincerely loves Finnish Novembers (oh yes, it’s true).

Kirill Vdov
Paid Marketing Specialist

Kirill is inspired by a systemized, data-driven marketing approach and using gamification to create the best possible online experience. Despite his extensive background in content creation, he found himself to be more comfortable in the world of precisely measurable metrics.

In his free time, Kirill enjoys playing video games (sometimes competitively) and reading all sorts of fiction.

Lotta Rantasalo
Graphic Designer

Lotta is an aspiring graphic designer who specialises in illustration and is always looking for opportunities to learn new skills.

In her free time Lotta likes to do something creative, like drawing or handicrafts, or consume different forms of media, such as movies, games and comics.

Anastasia Govtva
Paid Marketing Specialist

Anastasia is a strategic and data-driven PPC specialist. In her work, she combines logical thinking with lateral and creative problem-solving. She has over three years of experience working with SMEs in Finland, Russia and the UK. She enjoys intellectual challenges and strives for improvement in knowledge and skills.

In her free time, Anastasia loves to travel and dive into learning about neuroscience and sustainable development. You can also find her spending many hours in the climbing gym or watercolour painting.

Mari Aktay
Growth Marketer

Through experience, Mari has learned to adopt an analytical approach to any situation. A useful skill in a hectic marketing environment! Her philosophy is that life provides continuous opportunities for learning and growth.

In her free time, Mari immerses herself in the world of video games or audiobooks. She enjoys nature and conversations over a cup of coffee – no matter the topic.

Linda Hakala
Growth Marketer

Linda’s extremely passionate about marketing and has a strong interest in learning new trends, changes and innovations in the digital marketing landscape. She enjoys working with people, challenging herself and learning new things. As a Growth Marketer at The F Company, her main responsibilities will involve project management and other digital marketing tasks.

Outside work Linda loves trying out new restaurants and experiencing different cultures. You can usually find her spending time with her friends (and dogs), going to the gym and reading books!

Petteri Anttila

Petteri has a passion for storytelling and is inspired by things he does not yet know. He enjoys the challenge of learning new skills, which has led him down a winding rabbit-hole in his free time: from guitar strumming and wall climbing to knuckle-rolling coins. Outside of rabbit-holes, Petteri is most comfortable cradling a good book or on a leisurely walk.

Ellen Kuitunen
Content Marketer

Ellen is a Content Marketer inspired by today’s world and its trends. Her strengths lie in her language skills and visual eye. With a strong background in marketing, she creates relevant and interesting content for targeted audiences.

In her free time, Ellen enjoys taking and editing videos, doing yoga as well as watching documentaries.

Tanja Kazinik
Growth Marketer

Tanja is an experienced hands-on digital marketer. She believes that creativity and data go hand in hand in modern marketing. Thus, she’s passionate about continuously learning new skills and tools: since marketing never stops, neither should she.

Being a first-time dog parent, she spends a lot of time outside training her young puppy. During her free time, Tanja goes to contemporary dance classes and yoga sessions.

Hannele Kivelä

Hannele is a quick-witted communications professional, whose love for language and wordplay has led her to the world of Copywriting.

Hannele likes live music, afternoon coffee, and proverbs. Among her all time favourites is “luulo ei ole tiedon väärti”.

In her free time, you may find her solving crossword puzzles or trying to come up with new foods for meal prepping.

Santtu Kottila

Santtu Kottila is an Advisor at The F Company. He founded MarkkinointiKollektiivi, Finland’s largest marketing community. Santtu is also a CMO at the rapidly growing martech company Leadoo Marketing Technologies.

Santtu brings top marketing expertise to The F Company, and refuses to ever call himself “busy”.

Juho Jokinen

Juho Jokinen is an Advisor at The F Company. He founded Dingle, one of the most successful marketing agencies in Finland. Juho is a professional board advisor, and loves helping innovative companies grow faster.

Juho is on a mission to help us become the leading B2B marketing agency, and doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions.

Elena Bezborodova
Senior Growth Marketer

Elena is a marketer generalist with more than 6 years of experience in the B2B space. During her career, she’s helped various B2B businesses grow and enter international markets. As a huge believer in the power of video marketing, Elena runs her own YouTube channel as a side gig.

In her free time, you can find her taking walks while listening to a podcast, reading, or cycling. Rumour has it that you should try Elena’s cheesecake.

Linn Grönlund
Office Assistant

Linn’s a marketing student who loves to help others whenever she can. At TFC, she takes care of all things office-related… from helping with accounting to organizing internal events and buying necessities for the office. She’s the queen of keeping things organized and under control (we’re pretty sure we’ll never run out of snacks).

In her free time, Linn is also active in her school’s student union. If you don’t see her at the office, you can find her horseback riding, sunbathing, and boating with friends and family.

Ida Levander
Marketing Specialist

Ida is a Marketing Specialist with a dual talent for copywriting and PPC! She combines analytics and creativity in her day-to-day work to get the best outcome no matter the task. She’s a bit like a swiss-army knife and always hungry for knowledge and learning. We would describe her as the sunshine any team would love to have.

Fun fact: she has previously worked with us, went for a uni exchange and now she’s back with us with more experiences and stories to tell.