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Ready to grow your business?

Are you ready to turn marketing into a revenue driver? Here’s what kind of companies would get the best results with us:

  • You are a B2B company with complex sales cycles in the Industrial, Service or SaaS fields
  • You are looking for a long-term, strategic marketing partner
  • You’re willing to invest 5,000–15,000 euros per month in marketing

Does that sound like you? Then we might be The One for you – but book a call with us to see for yourself.

David Blinov
Managing Partner
+358 45 221 0390

David Blinov
Managing Partner
Provocative takes on B2B marketing strategy and its recent developments
Yuliya Salorenko
Senior Growth Marketer
A weekly dose of brutally honest marketing content topped with relatable memes
Kirill Vdov
Senior Paid Marketing Specialist
Insights and tips on B2B performance marketing, powered by a fondness for numbers
Ravi Kumar
Design & Technology Partner
Amazing illustrations of B2B marketing strategy topics, like the viral Dark Funnel graphic