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F*** buzzwords.
We do marketing.

Our capabilities

Tell us what you want to achieve. We’ll customize a full set of digital marketing capabilities to help you meet those goals.

You’ll have access to a full team of specialists – Designers, Paid Marketers, Copywriters, Marketing Tech Specialists and Strategists – and with them, a diverse set of tacit knowledge, marketing insights and industry experiences.

Paid marketing
Marketing tech

We know B2B. Our work starts by digging into your ideal customers and understanding how they make decisions. We create a data-driven strategy that is aligned with your business objectives and then, turn that strategy into reality with agile processes.

“Successful B2B marketing starts with a strategy that’s based on a strong understanding of your customers, powered by marketing technology, and validated with data instead of opinions.”

David Blinov, 
Managing Partner

Consistent content production is the staple of successful B2B marketing. From copywriting to visual design, we build a content production engine to provide valuable information for your potential customers and remove complexity from their buying process.

“Your content is your time to shine. It is your opportunity to show your clients that you understand them, their needs and troubles, but better yet, that you can solve those problems for them.”

Heta Mattila, 
Senior Growth Marketer

With our strong capabilities in LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Ads and other paid distribution channels, we make sure that your content reaches the right audience at the right time, over and over again. From building awareness to generating leads, we got you covered.

“A successful distribution strategy is based on thoroughly understanding the distribution platforms and the intended audience. We continually use data and analytics to improve our work, so you can reach your objectives.”

Jens Lindström, 
Paid Marketing Lead

We help you choose, set up and get the most out of your marketing technology stack. Our expertise includes Hubspot, Pardot and other B2B systems, data visualization and dashboards, and privacy and tracking compliance. If what you need doesn’t exist yet, we’ll code it for you.

“Not every company needs the most expensive solution. The best marketing technology is the one that works for you. We at The F Company are tech agnostics. We help you choose a tech stack that best meets your needs.”

Ravi Kumar, 
Design & Technology Partner

Our approach

What the F is going on in B2B marketing?

  • The customer journeys are digital, long and complex.
  • Your buyers are making decisions in places you can’t track.
  • The majority of your audience is not yet ready to buy.

We understand this new reality. Here’s how we approach it:

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Data shows, that only about 5% of your audience knows who you are. They might be ready to buy, but the other 95% are not. We’ll approach these people in different ways.

We nudge the 5% towards contacting you. This approach is aimed at capturing the existing demand by proactively reaching your audience, and also helping them find you on their own. This generates sales-ready leads for your team.

We then create content that helps the remaining 95% move forward in their buying journey: by answering their questions, addressing their pain points and educating. This generates brand awareness and demand. When your customers are ready to buy, they come to you.

We believe that marketing should be a revenue driver, not a support function. We rely on systematic experiments to learn what works and improve your results over time. The end goal is an increase in revenue, not just leads.

All this, without forgetting the person behind the screen – it’s all “human-to-human” marketing in the end. We help you create meaningful interaction with the people you want to reach – even if you can’t always measure that.

The outcome? You’ll have more relevant leads, increased revenue, and happier Sales and Marketing teams.

How we work

Our sprint model makes sure your marketing project is running in a focused and systematic way.

4 weeks sprint
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Client sprint meetings

We plan each sprint and set priorities and targets together with you.

Weekly internal planning

At the start of each week, our teams review their priorities and plan activities.

Weekly client summary

Every Friday, you get a written update on the progress we made.

Monthly internal retrospective

Once a month, we align the project with your business objectives and discuss improvement ideas.

Why us?

(Q1 2023)

B2B focus and expertise

We only do B2B. We understand the challenges and overcome them with creative solutions. With our knowledge from a variety of industries, our aim is to be the best B2B marketing agency in the Nordics.

Your proactive challenger

Our clients love us for our “get sh*t done”-attitude, clarity and efficiency. We don’t just sit and wait for your next assignment but constructively challenge your thinking and propose new ways to get more revenue with marketing.

Where data meets human

We base our decisions on data while never forgetting the person behind the screen. It’s all “human-to-human” marketing in the end. We help you create meaningful interaction with the people you want to reach – even if you can’t always measure that.

Ready to grow your business?

Are you ready to turn marketing into a revenue driver? Here’s what kind of companies would get the best results with us:

  • You are a B2B company with existing customers and ambitious growth targets
  • You’re open to changing and improving the way you do marketing
  • You are looking for a long-term, strategic marketing partner
  • You’re willing to invest 5,000–15,000 euros each month

Does that sound like you? Then send us a message! Let’s talk about your marketing and what you’d like to achieve with it.

David Blinov
Managing Partner
+358 45 221 0390