Moving from Lead Gen towards Demand Gen with Enfuce

As the saying goes: people don’t buy the best products – they buy the products they understand the most. So when Marketing Director Nadja Huotari and Enfuce’s marketing team set out to find a partner to support their marketing efforts, she took a liking to The F Company’s systematic approach and the clarity of communications. Simplicity has been a cornerstone of our collaboration since then.

What kind of challenge did Enfuce set out to solve?

Enfuce is one of Europe’s leading payment processors. The company delivers cutting-edge debit, prepaid, and credit card solutions and scales globally. In this hypergrowth environment, Nadja’s marketing team was facing four challenges: 

  1. Having a lot to do and very little time
  2. Putting in place a data-driven approach to all marketing activities
  3. Building a marketing strategy that accounts for the various stages of the customer journey and seeks to provide relevant information at each stage
  4. Getting Marketing a seat at the management table, alongside Sales  

The first step towards a solution was changing the mindset around marketing in the organization: its role is to contribute to the business and, eventually, grow revenue. Moreover, marketing is a long-term game in which results grow incrementally. 

Nadja started looking for a partner to support Enfuce’s in-house team in handling some of the day-to-day marketing activities (the “quick and dirty”, so to say), growing to a more data-driven direction, and scaling the marketing efforts. The clarity and simplicity of communication made The F Company stand out.

From Lead Gen towards Demand Gen

The collaboration was kicked off with a content pilot: the objectives included for example testing and optimizing the messaging and bringing more traffic to Enfuce’s website. Later, the work consisted of running lots of marketing experiments, promoting and repurposing webinars, and building a dashboard to help tie marketing efforts to revenue. 

When Enfuce grew, one challenge became clear: they operate in a very niche business. Potential buyers did not yet know them, and the competition consisted of rather established companies. Hence, traditional lead gen approaches alone didn’t work optimally.

To make the Enfuce name known, remembered and trusted by the target audience, we also adopted a Demand Generation focused approach in our collaboration. The new approach centered around building awareness by consistently appearing in front of Enfuce’s potential customers.

First, the marketing team is helping potential customers learn about the company and its offering. In other words, helping the buyers buy. Then, once the buyers are ready, the sales team can leverage their personal connections to seal the deal.

How has The F Company’s role evolved during our partnership?

Since then, the Enfuce marketing team has taken a liking to the systematic approach, consistency, and lack of hassle or sidetracking. As a result, The F Company team has gained more responsibility and autonomy over certain things. 

“When we choose to hand over a project to you, it’s not because we don’t have time, or we don’t want to do it, or we don’t know how to. It’s more like we can rely on you taking care of something – from the get-go to the very end”, Nadja says. 

The best client relationships happen when both parties learn something new every day. TFC is able to bring its specialized knowledge and insights from a variety of industries to the table. The Enfuce team also drives improvements by actively challenging the TFC team’s thinking. 

As a result, the collaboration has become even more closely knit and there’s mutual trust and respect between the teams. Nadja views TFC as an extension of her own team.

“We can feel the excitement and the interest in our business from the entire team. You take the business matters seriously but otherwise working together is casual and fun”, Nadja adds. 

“Instead of an extra pair of hands, we want a partner who constantly challenges us and shares insights, ideas, and best practices.”

Nadja Huotari

Enfuce’s top 3 reasons for choosing The F Company

  1. Easy
  2. Fun 
  3. Knowledgeable

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