Bromma’s Digital Leap with The F Company

Bromma’s Challenge

Bromma, a global leader in crane spreader manufacturing, faced a new challenge as the industry began leaning into digital transformation. They needed an effective strategy for online engagement, a systematized content creation process and an efficient design workflow. This started the search for a dedicated partner to help them in their digital journey.

That’s where The F Company stepped in, offering not just services, but a partnership. Our expertise in B2B marketing, tailored approach and flexible contracts drew Bromma towards us.

The F Company’s Role in Bromma’s Digital Change

Our strategy was grounded in understanding Bromma, its customers and its industry inside out. This insight laid the groundwork for an all-encompassing digital marketing plan. Our goal was clear: fostering stronger customer relationships and enhancing Bromma’s marketing effectiveness and consistency. 

A significant achievement was a successful digital campaign for Bromma’s new product launch. The F Company supported Bromma from webinars to the creation of compelling campaigns and effective landing pages.

The Change Brought by The F Company

Our partnership sparked a transformation in Bromma’s marketing strategy. We were able to achieve streamlined content creation, increased online visibility and 23% social media growth in 2022. Before our partnership, Bromma was merely boosting posts on LinkedIn without a clear strategy or metrics. We helped them refine their approach, delivering measurable outcomes.

Our involvement extended beyond marketing. We integrated into Bromma’s team, empowering their marketing division and allowing key personnel to focus on other strategic tasks. Bromma’s Head of Sales, who had been creating content previously, could now simply review and approve. This led to a more efficient and consistent content generation process. 

“People are now acknowledging the worth of our marketing efforts. It’s not just reaching our audience but also making waves within Bromma.”

Julia Dolgopova

Bromma’s Future with The F Company

Bromma anticipates a continued collaboration with The F Company. With our continued support, they envision a transformation from traditional customer engagement methods, like exhibitions, to creating a unified brand experience online.

Our partnership has not just improved Bromma’s external brand perception but has also fostered internal pride. Employees are actively sharing content, showing an acknowledgment of the quality and value of the content being created. 

Here’s why Bromma chose The F Company

  • Quality
  • Competence
  • Structure

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