How Praecom Increased B2B Lead Generation By 13X in 5 Months

Praecom is one of Finland’s leading providers of meeting, collaboration, and video conferencing solutions, serving some of the biggest companies in Finland. When their steady growth had started to slow down, they reached out to The F Company to help them get their B2B lead generation back on track. 


Praecom’s sales team had been working hard to generate new leads. As they had mostly relied on offline sources, they felt that their lack of digital presence was becoming an issue. 

We jumped in and launched a 5-month pilot project to solve their key growth challenges and to boost their lead generation efforts in a holistic way. This meant analyzing everything: from strategy and processes to technology and content.


Based on existing data and interviews with Praecom’s management, we crafted a strategy for Praecom’s digital B2B lead generation. In addition, we planned a full marketing technology stack to match client’s needs.

Praecom’s existing marketing automation tool was not powerful enough for our project. After comparing several options, we implemented a solution that combines advanced features with good usability and reasonable pricing.

We needed to reach Praecom’s potential customers at the right time and with the right message. This required a seamless data flow throughout the entire customer journey. We used API integrations and built custom scripts to connect Praecom’s marketing tech stack together. We also used AI-driven advertising tools to support our agile marketing campaigns.


We ran experiments, tested new content and optimized campaigns based on incoming data. Our continuous cycle of testing and learning generated more than 200 leads. As a result, Praecom grew their B2B leads by 13X in 5 months.

The nurture emails were also well-received. Email open rates averaged at 44%, with 8.2% click-through rates – 3X and 4X improvements compared to the months prior to our collaboration.

“With The F Company we felt our marketing was in the right hands. They are a skilled, innovative agency that has a fresh approach to marketing – they’re not stuck in old ways of doing things.”

Miika Liljedahl

This case won the Best B2B Campaign Award at the SEMRush Nordic Awards 2019.

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