Building a B2B Lead Generation Machine for Pa-Hu

Pa-Hu is a leading provider of smart, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions in Finland, with over 80 years of rich history. Having previously relied mostly on traditional sales methods, they turned to The F Company with an ambitious goal: improving their digital marketing and turning it into a key revenue driver.


At the beginning of our collaboration, the family-owned packaging company had almost no digital marketing in place. The partnership was kicked off with three important objectives in mind:

  1. Generating leads online in a cost-effective manner
  2. Delivering more sales-qualified leads to Pa-Hu’s sales team
  3. Finding scalable ways to grow.


We started by digging deeper into Pa-Hu’s current situation and barriers of growth. We analyzed their marketing, sales, and customer data, carried out interviews, and ran workshops. Based on the collected insights, we built an ideal buyer persona and customer journey.

We created several hypotheses for which buyer personas, channels and content to test. We set goals and KPIs to measure the success of each experiment. We tested over 150 different ad campaigns and 10 landing pages.

To serve only the best leads for Pa-Hu’s sales, we implemented a lead scoring model that indicated which leads were hot enough to be handed over. The leads that were not ready to buy were automatically nurtured with relevant content until they became more interested in placing an order.

We soon learned what worked for Pa-Hu and what didn’t. After testing various marketing campaigns, we had identified the 10 best-performing ads for two landing pages. Once we had identified the right buyer persona, we improved the messaging and budget allocation using marketing data.


The experiment-driven marketing process paid off. We built upon our learnings and continuously introduced new ideas to test while killing failed experiments and putting more marketing budget into the successful ones.

Here are the results:

  • 8.5x increase in leads
  • 12.5% increase in sales-ready leads
  • 58% decrease in average cost per lead, from 60€ to 25€
  • 44% of cold leads converted to warm leads through nurturing

“The F Company takes great care of our digital marketing, so that I can focus on our core business.”

Sara Raikamo

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