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The story goes back to a cup of dark roast coffee in December 2016. Long-time friends and entrepreneurs, we shared our frustrations with how most companies are not taking advantage of opportunities presented by digital technology, design and data.

They create great products, but selling them is becoming increasingly difficult. Their digital marketing is stuck in the past. They are losing out to bold innovators that use digital technology to deliver memorable experiences.

Realizing that we share decades of marketing experience and fascination towards digital technology, we joined forces to help companies grow.

We believe in bold ideas and data-driven innovation. We experiment and design unique solutions to your unique growth challenges. The result is the only thing that matters.

We want to work with people who embrace the future. Let’s innovate together!

The Team

David Blinov

David is a Partner and a digital marketing expert. He has acquired Fortune 100 clients and generated millions of euros in sales using innovative marketing technology.


David loves public speaking and mentors young entrepreneurs in his free time.


Oladimeji Joseph Fakayode

Joseph is a Partner and a digital growth strategist. He has built 3 digital companies, and helped many others grow their online sales to millions.


He enjoys downhill skiing, swimming and challenging himself in every way.


Ravi Kumar

Ravi is a Partner in charge of design and technology. His strength lies in solving complex business problems through innovation and design thinking.


In his free time Ravi plays cricket, and likes to stay up late designing bold solutions.


Mikko Latva-Koivisto

Mikko creates positive customer experiences through digital technology. His career highlights include solving digital growth challenges for software and consulting firms.


Mikko’s exciting side project is his 2-year-old daughter Lilli.


Lorenzo Gemmellaro

Lorenzo is a design and branding expert. He has created beautiful customer experiences for brands across Europe.


Lorenzo is great at combining the famous Italian sense of style with the Nordic way of working.