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Case study of the month

Learn how Snowflake improved its ABM to give its audience a more personalised experience. With 80% higher ACV and 1.5X SQO average pipeline, every B2B company should have ABM in place.

Best tool of the month

Google Optimize will close in Sep 2023. It’s time to find a better B2B message testing platform. Wynter tests your messaging with verified target B2B customers by title, industry and company size. If you’re serious about experiments, give it a shot.

David Blinov
Managing Partner
Provocative takes on B2B marketing strategy and its recent developments
Kirill Vdov
Senior Paid Marketing Specialist
Insights and tips on B2B performance marketing, powered by a fondness for numbers
Pauliina Haapakoski
Copywriting Lead
Quirky tips for Marketers and Copywriters who want to wield the magic of storytelling