B2B Marketing Strategy for long sales cycles


This is a free webinar for Senior Marketers working in B2B companies with long sales cycles.

Wednesday, August 21st from 10:00 am - 11:00 am Finnish time (09:00 am - 10:00 am Swedish time)

Are you ready to join perhaps the most impactful B2B webinar you’ll see this year? Secure your spot now or regret all summer, as this is the last of its kind before fall!

We at The F Company help large Nordic B2B companies with long sales cycles turn marketing into a revenue driver. We’ve seen it all, and know the pains that marketers face.

From proving marketing’s impact on revenue to building a systematic content machine, these pains are familiar to many of you. And it’s time to fix them.

In this focused and actionable webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn the six top challenges faced by B2B marketers working with long sales cycles
  • Discover the solutions to each of these challenges
  • Get downloadable frameworks you can actually use
  • Hear real-life examples and cases

This webinar is rated 9.8/10 by Senior B2B marketers in Finland and Sweden. ⭐️

The clients we work with include:

“One of the best B2B webinars I attended this fall (and I attend a sh*t ton).”

“You managed to deliver truly useful information that got my undivided attention for the whole hour.”

“It was total value for my time.”

“I wish that I could give 10+ for David. This was a very level-headed presentation!”

“An absolutely brilliant webinar! Definitely one of the best you have ever had! Solid facts, well presented, great slides! “

“Loved the webinar! Such great points from the speaker. Will definitely want to join the next webinar you are hosting!”


David Blinov

Managing Partner

David is a Managing Partner at The F Company. He has helped our B2B clients generate millions of euros in sales.

Marketing is not his only forté, he’s also a public speaking talent – you can catch him in marketing conferences or in our own webinars. He’s on top of recent and upcoming developments in the field of marketing and is willing to change his mind.