The F Company is joining Precis

From day one our dream has been building the best Nordic B2B agency. Over the last 7 years we’ve shown steady growth, and are proud to work with the leading B2B companies.

Today we’re taking a giant next step towards our vision. 

In the biggest news in our history, we are excited to announce that The F Company was acquired by Precis!

Headquartered in Stockholm, the Precis group includes Booster Box and Bannerboy, and a combined team of more than 500 experts across the Nordics, UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the US. The F Company will continue to operate under its established brand, maintaining our strong presence in Finland.

At The F Company we believe that B2B companies need a different marketing strategy. We understand the challenges that come with long sales cycles, and offer a full range of services to help B2B companies turn marketing into a revenue driver. By joining Precis, we greatly expand the scope of capabilities we can offer to our clients.

We now have:

  • Over 500 marketing professionals across the Nordics, Europe and the USA, allowing our clients to scale globally, but with local market knowledge.
  • New capabilities in design, data and tech. Including world-class creative production, programmatic buying, e-commerce, data analytics and governance.
  • Even stronger expertise in B2B, with reference cases from top global brands.

More importantly for us, joining forces with Precis propels The F Company and our people towards the vision of B2B thought leadership. 

Because you know what? Being the best at B2B marketing in the Nordics is a great goal…

…but why not the best in the world?

Stay tuned. Exciting things are coming.